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Need Help

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I'm new here and running out of people to get advise from and nobody seems to be able to help. So all the help and advice is appreciated.
Firstly I have been feeding raw for many years now. All my dogs eat it and love it. We now have a soon to be 3yr old French Mastiff. I have been feeding raw to him since he was a puppy. Over the last Month and ahalf he has started to itch and grow slight yeast sores on the inner hind legs and pit areas. We have taken him to the vet had him checked and tested for various things and what came back was a fungis from the skin scrape. The vet had prescribed some medication and said it could be allergies. We figured it was maybe from being at the cabin rubbing up against trees and such. We gave him some meds and it cured it up with a fungal shampoo. During the medication we fed raw still. After the medication was finished his simptoms returned. We picked up some more meds and quite raw all together and now looking for a alternative to cure this skin problem. I hate kibble but as of now I'm down to trial and error. I prefer raw and If anybody can help me out on what to feed to help get rid og the kibble please help..I cant' continue meds also. It will kill my Boy
Also I primarily feed chicken in the diet I feel that he has a allergy to chicken. My other dogs have no issues with this only my Mastiff.

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Sounds like a yeast overgrowth, I would give Acidopholus or another probiotic, and Apple Cider Vinegar (mix with food) to him every day. Make up a solution of 50% Water/50% Vinegar and spray on his spots/sores. Has he had his thyroid levels checked? Low Thyroid can cause skin infections just as allergies can.
The 50/50 solution you basically mix 1 part water to 1 part ACV (if you can find it Bragg's ACV is the best to get), I believe Kroger has it or you can order online. Just mix in a spray/squirt bottle and apply to areas there are problems. I normally add about 1/2 teaspoon to my little 4# chihuahuas meals, and 1 teaspoon to my 11# poms meals, I know someone who has a bulldog who gives him a couple tablespoons. But you want to work up to that, don't just add 2 tablespoons at once.
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