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This forum is nice, because I can get other owners opinions about the foods they are feeding their dogs, and what they like and dont like....

On the forum on Craigslist, I found out about

It doesnt have any owner opinions, but its a really nicely laid out site if you want general information about the food you are feeding your dog. It tells you about all of the different foods sold by the same company. Oddly enough, they can vary quite a bit.

I use it, and I now rotate my dogs between: Innova, Wellness Core, and Canidae dry foods.

Also, if you can find it : FRESHPET food. I feed my dogs the FreshPet Select wet food in the wrapper that looks like sausage. Its 100% fresh and has to be kept refrigerated, but they make dry foods too. They go nuts about it. But its hard to find. The company is in Pennsylvania, but they make really high quality food.

Anyway, good luck, I look forward to hearing others stories and opinions.
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