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Multi dog home w/food question!

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Hi all, I just found this forum a few weeks ago and have really enjoyed reading up on all the great information. I'm hoping maybe you can help me with my own small feeding dilemma.

We currently have an American Eskimo mix who is 14 and seems to be able to eat & digest most anything. We also have a 4 yr. old Goldendoodle who has some digestive issues and is gassy a lot. In about a week we are adding an 8 month old PBGV (petit basset griffon vendeen) to our family. We are currently feeding California Natural Herring & Sweet Potato formula to both current dogs w/a very little Wysong Chicken Or Turkey Au Jus mixed in. I would really like to start doing a rotational diet with about 3-4 different dry food options for variety. We probably can not do the really expensive stuff and would like to stay in the same or similar price range as the Cal. Natural.

The breeder has the pup on chicken & rice by Eukanaba (spell?) and I will keep him on that at first but would like to transition him to what the other dogs are on as soon as I can.

My question is, do you have some suggestions of foods that might work for all my dog's needs? Also, should I be adding probotics to their food? Like so many others have said, it would seem awfully boring to eat the same food everyday. I thought maybe I could transition every month or so while rotating about 4 different foods? I appreciate any help & comments!

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I give my four dogs either fat free or low fat vanilla yougurt for proibotics. I mix some on the side with a bit of their kibble. They love it. Also a good idea is to freeze it in a kong type toy overnight and they have a fun chew toy when you need them to be quiet for a while. i also freeze peanut butter and fat free or lowfat cream chees in the kong toy overnight and bingo quiet time YEAH! Keeps them occupied for a while!

The foods I am on right now are merrick bg before grain buffalo & EVO the turrkey one which is for over 1 year old dogs & I have an overwieght lab which shes realy getting down now on weight management wellness core and weight management wellness superfive mix, I also have wellness superfivemix lamb and rice. I rotate and sometimes I mix the wellness foods for variety.
I have fed the dogs california natural and they liked it . They got tired of the same ole same ole so switched that is the only reason I will probably go back to it again in time!
There are alot of great foods out there! Innova for over 1 year olds, Evo over 1 year olds, Nutra products all good, merrick, well there are some I cant think of right now!
This is a great sight for top quality foods! Check this out!
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Thanks! I've actually been to the site that you linked and have been researching all the options. I am thinking of trying some of the Fromm 4 Star formula's and alternating 3-4 of them. We have a local pet store who carries them and they were rated 5 star I believe so I'll probably give them a try. Has anyone had any experience with Fromms?
Fromm was one I forgot to list. I have not personally tried this brand but it is in the specialty stores and I have asked at the stores about differnt foods! I go to two mom and pop specialty stores and they say that it is a great food. I want to try this one also Let me know how your dogs do on it!
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