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Mouth Warts?

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Anyone have experience with this? I've done only Internet research, but this is what it's pointing me to.

My dog has developed a couple of small white pimple-like bumps on his lower lip. They do not appear to cause discomfort or get in the way of his eating, etc. I've noticed them for about a week.

Here are a couple of photos:

If you've dealt with this, were you able to treat it?

Was planning to give the vet a call tomorrow, but I figured I'd ask people on this forum.
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Looks kinda like puppy warts which we took care of with just adding 1500mg vitamin C daily for a week and they went away. Maybe try that and see if it helps.
1,500mg pills? And does it matter the size of the dog? My dog weighs about 60 pounds.

Thanks for the reply!
We were supplementing our Dane puppy at the time, maybe 6-8 months old probably close to 60-70 pounds. Vitamin C is a safe thing to supplement with because any excess will just be passed through the urine. Your dog wouldn't ever OD from it.
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FYI: These went away on their own within a couple of weeks.
FYI: These went away on their own within a couple of weeks.
That's usually the case with mouth warts but when they don't go away on their own (like in our case) supplementing with vitamin c did the trick.
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