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Hi Everyone!
When I decided to try out VeRus dog foods, I also asked for a sample of their Cold Water Fish formula. My little rescue mutt, Nina, is an itchy dog. I could marinate her in an oatmeal bath and she'd still come out itchy. It seemed that regardless of the food she ate, she would scratch, scratch, scratch. I finally decided it was likely due to an environmental allergy - maybe to grass or something she was getting into outside.
Then I got the VeRus Cold Water Fish dog food samples. Again, I received several good-sized packages of food all nicely sealed up in a clear yet labeled bag. I opened it up, took a whiff and... it smelled like fish! Well duh! It was a fish-containing formula! The seriously interesting thing was that it wasn't a disgusting fish smell. It didn't smell anything like cat food fishy smell or canned tuna or sardines. It actually smelled like a freshly caught fish. So my little Nina tried it out. She loved it. Again, like with the Life Advantage formula, she didn't give me that pained, "Do I HAVE to?" look. She chomped it down like she'd been waiting her whole doggy life for it.
The best part - well, I can't say the BEST part because that would be that she really liked it. A fantastic thing about it is that her scratching almost completely stopped. This is significant because I had to mix it with her other food so as not to upset her stomach (she has a very sensitive tummy for a mutt). And the more she ate, the less she scratched. It was fantastic!
So, I looked back on the VeRus website to get the ingredient list information (the website has bigger print so it's easier to read - LOL). The first ingredient is salmon, the next is Menhaden fish meal I had to find out about Menhaden fish. Turns out the Menhaden is a small fish that lives in cold, fresh and salt waters from Nova Scotia to Florida. It eats plankton and is the food hunted down by larger, carnivorous fish and sea/water birds. It is very high in Omega-3 fatty acids. This little fish is a key species in the food chain - being so valuable that when its numbers dropped in 1864, it 'spawned' (sorry about the pun) the first ecological movement which, of course, was the beginning of ecology as we know it today.
I can - and will, in another post - go into why all of this was important to my little rescue mutt and her very delicate system. Suffice it to say now that VeRus Cold Water Fish formula did EXACTLY what it was supposed to do for her: it took care of her itching AND it didn't upset her doggy tummy.
This is some seriously good stuff!

BTW - the info I found on Menhaden fish came from the VeRus Pet Food website,, and
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