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Hello all,

I'm a marketing student and I have an assignment due 3/30. Would you please answer these questions on how you choose dog food? I'm not selling anything, and I would just use your forum name - no real name or anything else. Please send answers to [email protected] . Thanks!

1. Which brand(s) of dog food do you buy? _____________________________

2. Where did you hear about this brand (or brands)?
(Check all that apply)
Recommended by veterinarian.
Recommended by friend or family.
TV Commercial
Magazine ad.
Surfing the web.
Habit/brand loyalty – “I (or my family or friends) have always used this brand.”
Other __________________

3. How important are these features when you choose a dog food?
(Enter a number 1-5: 1 = Not important 5 = Very important.)

____ It’s 100% organic
____ It has a high protein content
____ It’s mostly meat (beef, pork, lamb, etc)
____ It’s mostly non-meat (high carbs)
____ It’s inexpensive
____ It’s expensive (“more expensive food is probably better”)
____ Well known brand name
____ Brand name reputation for product quality
____ It has special ingredients that my dog needs for a health condition
____ Few or no product recalls

4. Dog breed ________________
5. Dog’s age ________________
6. Special health needs, if any _______________________________________
7. Approximate weight ___________
8. Indoor-only dog? Outdoor-only? Both? ______ (I, O or B)
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