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I've been wondering about him since you posted about your ordeal. Is he doing any better?
Sorry, I kinda disappear sometimes. lol. No internet at home, and I went from full time to part time at work (where I get online) to wedding plan, and give the hours to new people training, so I'm not online nearly as much.
Grissom is doing fantastic. He's been on the raw diet for four and a half weeks now, and other than one bout of diarrhea brought on by extreme poop eating, he's been totally solid ever since. :biggrin: I never thought I'd see the day. :biggrin:

I took annie to the vet yesterday, and Dr. Pew asked about Grissom. I told him he was wonderful and not on the antibiotics, and that I am feeding him PMR. He was warning me about all the "risks" involved and whatnot. I told him that I would be MORE THAN WILLING to bring him in for tests and whatnot, if he wanted to satisfy his curiosity. He said he "might" take me up on that offer, and I hope he does, but I'm not willing to pay an exam fee or anything like that. It'd be on his time.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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