Kirkland Dog Food Review

Kirkland dog food made by Diamond is conveniently sold at Costco's world wide.  The Kirkland product line has 6 dry food formulas designed to meet the individual requirements of specific ages of dogs. The Kirkland Signature Adult Dog Formula has two variances, chicken and lamb, which gives a healthy choice for hypersensitive dogs. The Kirkland dog food products are less expensive compared to other well-rated dog food brands however their prices does not compromise the quality of their dog food lines. Last time we checked it was 17.99-23.99 for a 40lb bag, depending on the formula. Due to the price many are lead to believe that this food is just another low quality dog food, however, we believe that Kirkland dog food falls in the middle of the food quality spectrum.

Compared to other budget-friendly dog food brands, Kirkland dog food formulas don’t incorporate corn, soy, or wheat among the first five ingredients. There is also no mention of unspecified animal by-products which are often from questionable sources that can further degrade the quality of the dog food.

Chicken and lamb are the main sources of animal proteins for Kirkland dog food formulas. This is a good protein source for dogs of all ages. Whole grains including brown rice and cracked pearl barley also form the basal ingredients.

Although chicken is an excellent protein source, it is used raw which means it still contains 80% water which is lost when processed, leaving only a small part of its original weight. This is probably the reason for the addition of the chicken meal which is a meat concentrate and contains 300% more protein compared to fresh or raw chicken.

Brown rice is a good source of complex carbohydrates which can be easy to digest after it has already undergone processing. Another ingredient that supplies starchy carbohydrate, fiber and other nutrients is Barley.

Chicken fat is a by-product obtained from rendering chicken. It is rich in omega-6 fatty acids and linoleic acid which are important in the different physiological processes of the body. It is important for dog food manufacturers to specify the source of fat in order to assess the quality of the ingredient. There are dog food manufacturers that list down this ingredient as “animal fat”.

Among the different ingredients, beet pulp has been met with skepticism because although it is a high-fiber ingredient, it is often used as inexpensive filler.

Other minor ingredients which contribute to the over-all nutrition value of the dog food include potato which is a good source of highly digestible carbohydrates; fish meal provides additional animal protein; flaxseed which is an excellent plant source of omega-3 fatty acids and soluble fiber.

There is no mention, though, of probiotics or beneficial bacteria which is present in many top-rated dog food products.

Customer Reviews

The most common feedback relates to the price of Kirkland dog food products -it is not every day that one can get a good quality dog food at such low prices. There are dog owners who agree that the high protein from quality meat sources is great for their dog’s hair coat, body weight, and energy—all these positive feedbacks even though their dogs were eating less compared to other dog food brands.

Negative feedbacks include diarrhea in first time users, manifestation of allergy symptoms, digestive problems that include vomiting, loose stools, smelly gas, and an upset stomach.

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Kirkland Dog Food Reviews

Kirkland dog food comes in four different formulas:

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