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Just Informing You All

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Hi everyone. It's been a while since I posted, as I've been out of the state visiting with family. I took my kids up to Maine with me for about a month. While I was gone, my husband stayed home to work and be with the animals.

As you might have read, I recently got Rocko as a rescue. He was thin, but in good spirits. The lady had told me he had worms but never specified. I wormed him with the at home medication I had for my dogs I kept in case I'd ever needed it.

I left for Maine. About 2 weeks later, my husband called me and was telling me that Rocko was acting lethargic. Though he was still eating, urinating, pooping regularly and was still seeming to be in decent spirits. Our vet was out of town so he couldn't take him in for a routine checkup to make sure he was ok as he didnt really seem as if anything was seriously wrong.

One morning my husband woke up and Rocko had died during the night. I was talking to my Mom about it (she knows a thing or two =D). She told me that perhaps the lady had been unclear with us. Maybe Rocko had heartworm and not just round or hook...I'm heartbroken. I loved that little dog. He was my best friend in the short time we had him.

Naive me just thought he was sleeping and sad because I wasn't home....I thought he missed me. :frown:

We now have China and Mako...They've been tested negative for heartworm and are on a preventative for it...I can't believe they weren't on it before. I can't believe we could miss something like this. Our vets never told us to get it or even suggested to get it...So I suppose that's why it slipped our minds as well. Never again will I make that mistake...

Thank you for reading.
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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