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Hello I am here cause my dog has an itchy rash that came about a week after starting PMI Exclusive. She kept soft stools on the Canidae. I took her to the vet and they said allergy to food or grass or just about any thing! well duh o.0 She was on antibiotic for a UTI when she broke out so they put her on another kind. Yes I asked if it was the meds and she said no.

So I started reading and reading and then I was reading about too much protein in the kibble.
The Dog Food Project - Is too much protein harmful?

That made me wonder if this food was causing her to break out or what??? The vets put her on antibiotics and antihistamine. She was negative for mites. At time it seems to help but not rid her of this. Infact it is spreading to her tummy and she is starting to lose her hair.

Do any of you think the protein being too high is the cause of this rash? My poor baby!!! And how much do I feed a 40 pound doberman who is only 4 1/2 months? Thanks Judy
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