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I'm new to this group. I'm also somewhat computer illiterate so please bear with me a little. I have 2 dogs. Jasmine, a JRT, who's 6 yrs. old and I got as a pup. Boo is a golden that I got in Feb. off craigslist. He's 5. I wish I had known about this forum when I got him. I've been through some health issues with him, the previous owners not being much help. They seem to be straightened out now. It pretty much boiled down to diet. Finally settled on Canidae for both of them and he seems to be doing fine now.
I'm not exactly sure what else I need to post here. I live in NE Ohio. I have a grown son who still lives with me, he's 19.
I look forward to meeting you all and getting help with behavior issues from the JRT...anyone with one of those knows what a handful they can be!
Thanks and have a great long weekend...
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