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I joined the forum a little while ago, but have been too busy to find time to get on here until now.

I am in Florida. I own a health food store for pets, called Healthy Paws.
In my spare time I volunteer at the local dog training club, and spend the rest of my time training my dogs.

I currently have 13 dogs, and am picking up #14 at the end of the month.

I have four male American Pit Bull Terriers, they are:

Jaeger is a two year old. He competes in agility, flyball, and weightpull. He will also be competing in his first obedience and first dock diving competition by the end of the year.

Lil Bit O'Hennessy CGC TD WP3
Hennessy will be two on Halloween. He competes in obedience and weightpulling. He has his first flyball tournament in October and will start competing in agility later this year.

CH 'PR' Diablo Bully's Patron On The Rocks CGC TD
Patron is a conformation Champion. He is training in weightpulling and will probably start agility training in the near future. He also loves doing therapy work.

Johnny Walker CGC
Johnny is a big baby. We rescued him from a neglectful situation when he was two years old. He is just a really big puppy.

a Dogo Argentino
Pampero Sentimiento Blanco CGC TD
Elu was imported from Argentina with his litter, at 8 weeks of age. He was determined to be bilaterally deaf, and was due to be euthanized. We took him in, and he gets along great with our pack. Very few people even realize that he is deaf. He is training to compete in agility and flyball.

a Patterdale Terrier
Lost Lake Crush N The Competition CGC
Kainda is only 8 months old. She has 150 points, and two majors toward her conformation Championship. She is training in weightpulling and will be starting training for agility and flyball in a few more months.

Two Miniature Pinschers
Cuda TD
Cuda was found in a crate, abandoned in a garage. When we rescued her, 7 years ago, she had two broken ribs and a fracture in her skull. She recovered well, but never has really trusted certain people. She is the cranky, boss lady of the house.

Evil Little Shenanigans CGC TD FD FDX FDCH
Gidget was rescued back in January. We are her 4th home, since she left her breeder. She was supposedly too hyper, untrainable, and aggressive toward their other dog.
Gidget just turned 1 in July. She loves competing in flyball and is a speed demon. She is also training to compete in weightpulling and agility.

A Parson Russell Terrier
Jim Beam
Jimmy came to us 5 weeks ago from a bad situation. He has been isolated from everything and chained up in a backyard, for the past 7 months (since he was 10 weeks). He supposedly wouldn't house train, stop barking, stop destroying stuff, or stop chasing the cats.
Jimmy is extremely intelligent and loves training. During the time we have had him he has learned: his new name, come, sit, down, paw, wave, high five, beg, dance, roll over, bow, crawl, and spin. He has also began training in weightpulling and flyball, and will start training in agility soon.

An Akita
Zeus is our old grandpa dog. He is the chew toy to the puppies and our foster dogs. He is so tolerant of everything. We rescued him eight years ago, as he was on death row for aggression. Zeus bit his previous owner after being beaten.
He was a little leary when we first took him in, but soon let down his guard. He is great with everyone and everything.

A German Shepherd
Ava Vom Haus Holmes HIC
Greta was left behind at a boarding facility, when she was diagnosed with EPI. Her family didn't want to pay for her required enzymes and decided to leave her behind. The facility kept her for several months and tried to find her a new home. But when her bottle of enzymes ran out, so did her time. She was scheduled to be euthanized. We found out about her and took her in.

a Chihuahua
Georgie was a puppy mill rescue. The first 3 1/2 years of his life, were spent in a crate. He was extremely insecure, terrified, and aggressive when we rescued him.

A golden mix
Eros CGC
Eros was born, in an accidental litter. The litter was dumped in an alley. We found homes for the other pups, and decided to keep him.

#14 is an 8 week old female American Pit Bull Terrier. Her name is Effen.

I feed all of my dogs a raw diet, and have been feeding raw for about 6 years now. I also don't believe in vaccines, and use two Homeopaths, a Chiropractor, and an Acupunturist for my dogs.

Wow, what a crew you have! I love how much you do with your dogs, especially the TD certs on your APBTs. You're a great advocate for what those dogs are truly like.

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What a great advocate for the Pit Bulls! I have a 1 yr old APBT, Lulu. She was a foster puppy that I could part with. :) Your dogs must have a blast! It's great that you do so much with them. LuLu did some puppy agility classes and loved it.
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