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I'm a fellow member of the Illinois Doberman Rescue.
We're actually a rescue for more than just Dobermans now, but it was our main focus a few years ago. And we've also expanded into some other mid-west states such as Iowa (where I live).

Anyways, I know that many people are always happy to take a new dog into the family... And we are a large rescue organization that tries to ensure a GOOD home for our dogs.

We have a fairly large site and it's usually pretty up-2-date.

We do have a slightly strict adoption application and home visit. This ensures that we get a home for a dog that we will not have to foster/rescue again later in the future. It's sad to see dogs become abandoned from the people that adopted or "rescued" them...

Anyways, if you're maybe looking for that first, second, third... however many! ... Check out our site.
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