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i really like the sense-ation front clip harness

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I can't call her a ferocious puller in that she can't pull me anywhere by force (she's a mini poodle puppy...), but she's so small and this breed is prone to tracheal collapse that I worry and wanted a harness. I goofed and bought a top clip kind because it had a comfy wide mesh, I thought that would be more comfortable for her. But not only does it encourage her to pull, it heats up and makes her pant.

So I got a Sense-ation harness, which was recommended to me by folks who know about such things, and it's a big difference. It's much easier to put on and take off. She doesn't pull nearly as much and when she does the harness sort of turns her to the side and makes her stop. It seems much more comfortable for her, she doesn't scratch at it and try to bite it the way she did with the wide mesh top clip harness. With the front clip, she balked when I tried to gently pull her forward (she's in a fear stage and needs to be pulled a bit), but with the Sense-ation she complies more readily.

I've bought a ton of things for puppy, most of which I consider a waste (like expensive dogs beds, omg the wallet-hurt), but this one is solid gold.

SENSE-ation Dog Harness

I'm going to get a big one and send it to my sis whose lab pulls ferociously. Anyway if you're looking for a harness give this a look. I think it's a famous name yeah? Inventors of this style or something. But I did a search and didn't see any threads about it so I thought I'd mention it.
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That's exactly like the 'easy walk" which I swear by for pullers....
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