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-Do I feed her one type of food in the morning and a different one at dinner? I don't have to feed her the same thing at both meals, right?
I would get her settled on eating one brand of kibble right now. It sounds like she has had some digestive upset, so we need to get that under control. I would choose a high quality grain free kibble and stick with it for a while.

-Once I settle on meals I shouldn't change it...right?
I change my dogs kibble every 2-3 months. I change canned with every case.

Can you good people suggest a good brand that I can buy at either a supermarket or a pet store chain? I don't mind if it's expensive.
The kibbles that I recommend are Orijen, Acana, and Horizon Legacy.

-What about treats? Do I stick with one type and stay with that too?
I do a large variety of healthy/natural treats. Bully sticks, tendons, dried liver, lung, etc, etc.
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