I and Love and You Dog Food Review

Founded in 2012, Colorado-based I and Love and You might be a newcomer on the dog food market, but it seems to be on the right tracks. All the brand's foods are made using made with top quality ingredients that are sourced from within the United States, whenever possible. The products don't contain any GM ingredients, fillers, artificial preservatives, colorings or other additives. The foods are all made in the USA, in facilities that have been USDA-inspected. All lines eschew any corn, wheat and soy, as potential allergens, and contain human grade vitamins and minerals that will be easy for your dog to absorb. Many of the foods are certified as suitable for all life stages. The company's website states “I and Love and You products are formulated by holistic veterinarians to be uncompromising in quality, ingredients AND efficacy. We create only the highest quality products because we LOVE keeping your pets healthy, naturally. Our products are formulated to include the optimal combination of complete, whole-food nutrition, freshness, AND premium ingredients to create products that YOU and your pets will love.”

They do four lines of dog food: raw dehydrated and raw freeze dried foods that are designed to be rehydrated with water, grain-free dried dog food, and canned cooked wet food. The raw foods are a simple and fairly cost-effective way of feeding your dog raw, without all the hassle. The dried “nude foods” include Red Meat Medley and Simply Sea, and contain a mixture of animal protein, plant protein (such as chickpeas and lentils), grain-free carbohydrates (such as sweet potato), and a variety of fruits and vegetables. The wet foods meet the AAFCO nutrient profiles for all life stages and come in varieties such as Cluckin' Good Stew and Gobble It Up Stew.

When available, I and Love and You opt to use wild-caught, grass-fed, free-range or cage-free meats that have been brought up without the use of antibiotics or any growth hormones. They also try to use ingredients that have been processed as little as possible, with the aim of preserving all naturally-occurring nutrients. Additional vitamins and minerals are added to the foods, where necessary.

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