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Hi all! My name is Libby, and I am the owner of three beautiful dogs, and two crazy cats.

This is Gypsy, the one true love of my life. She is a (soon-to-be) four year old American Pit Bull Terrier.

This is Mexico(Mexi), my Hienz 57. I found Mexi on the Zuni Reservation when she was around 10 weeks old. She is close to three years old now.

And this is Umah, my German Shepherd Dog. She is just over a year old.

I don't have any current pictures of my kitties, but Henry is a black tabby with silver points, and Cobra is an orange tabby.

Anyway, a little about me. I'm big into rescue (as a matter of fact, I have five foster pups right now), and I love the work. My dogs are one of the most important thing in my life, and I wish that everyone felt the same. I'm 24 years old (almost), I live in New Mexico, and I love to travel.

If anyone has any questions for me, I don't bite! :smile:

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