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hi :-)

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Hi all,

I am in central Ohio. I live with 4 Border Collies, 2 Labradors, 3 cats, 31 sheep and 1 llama.
I compete in agility with the Border Collies.
Looking forward to being a part of this forum.

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Hi Raven Welcome to the community! That is a lot of animals!:eek:
Hi! You wouldn't happen to have any bunnies or guinea pigs, too? :D
What activities do your Labs enjoy?
Hi, no bunnies or guinea pigs.
My labs, Tori and Magic are retired and lovin' life on the couch.
They are 9 and 10 and doing very well.

oh both yellow
Hi Raven

Welcome to the forum. I'm a newbee too so we have lots to catch up on.



My dogs own the couches, too, but sometimes they are nice enough to share them with me!

I've got a pair of bunnies and a pair of guinea pigs. And for that matter, a pair of teenagers in high school that I sometimes wish I could re-home .....

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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