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Hi all!!We are in Delaware.
My husband and I have 3 great labs. Lucy Lue is a yellow lab,and is 5 ,Molly May is black who is 3 and our problem dog and Zoey Zoe is 9 weeks old and chocolate.Food Food Food we all know about that problem.
Molly is our problem.She cannot have anything with chicken ,beet pulp and we think maybe rice.We had been feeding the girls eagle pak duck and oatmeal worked good for 2 1/2 years and they changed it and we think put more beet pulp then before and at that point we have been on the search .Before eagle pac 22 different foods from store bought to home cooked . New ones tried in the last 3 months.Natural Balance duck ,Verus somekind of fish and potato and then back to trying home cooking till we hit the product that works.Help!!!Any Suggestion for her and our new puppy who is eating eukanuba .but thought I would not change here till she is settled in about a month or so. :smile:
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When you home cooked, how did the dogs do? Home cooked or raw is by far better than anything you'll be able to find on the market today. I'd suggest you stay with home cooking or give raw a try.
Hi and welcome. We have had good luck with Nature's Variety. When you find something that works well, stick with it. I would love to do raw and home cooked, but with 5 dogs and the kids we just don't have the time or ambition to do that. Good luck.
Hello and welcome! You'll find lots of information on this forum and hopefully we can help you find EXACTLY what works for you. I think after a day or two reading, you'll decide there's no reason to keep the pup on Pukanuba, too!
Sounds like you have wonderful dogs!
Welcome! Awwww 3 labs! My bathroom upstairs is done in labrador retiever stuff! I have 2 a yellow and chocolate always wanted that third color black but having 4 dogs right now can't manage this at this time! Your dogs sound just so cute! Have fun here!:smile:
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I would like to do home cooking but our Molly it just does not agree with her.I have tried it all. Chicken Beef Turkey potato regular and sweet yogurt tofu rice oatmeal one at a time and mixed differently with no seasoning just plain cooking and it still gives her problems.I just put them on GO natural salmon and oatmeal lets see if this one works.Go has a new go natural Duck but i guess since they are in Canada and we are in the US it is not here to buy yet I think that would have been the best choice.

I am still trying to figure out what one to put our 9 week old puppy on Any help would be great I am thinking solid gold wolf cub puppy
It sounds like it could be grains in general? Chicken cooked? My bull terrier couldn't eat anything with beef in it until I switched to raw, when in raw form the molecule structure hasn't been changed the way cooking changes all meat. It would be nice if you find a way to feed all three of your dogs the same thing. Good luck!
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