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Hi I'm New! My cockappo pup needs help...

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Hi everyone, I just ran across this forum while looking for another option for my pup. He's a cockerspaniel/poodle mix and he's 8 months now. He has been on Royal Canin mini puppy 33 since he was 10 wks, before that he was on royal canin baby, the transistion was seamless. now after a little research i'm noticing that there may be better options for him. i'm afraid of him having a harsh reaction but i think i'm leaning towards switching to blue buffalo which seems healthier and more cost effective than royal. any suggestions?

also i was thinking about adding wet food to his diet as a treat every now and then. when is a good age to start doing that?

thanks for any help or suggestions u may have!

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Hello and welcome!

This is what we tell clients to do for a switch:
For the first week, mix 3/4 of the old stuff, 1/4 new
Next week 1/2 and 1/2
third week 3/4 new, 1/4 old
finally all the new stuff.
It seems to help ease the transition.
Putting a dollop of yogurt can help too.

We carry Royal Canin at our clinic, and while it is okay, I definitely think you'll prefer something else.
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I have heard good things about the Blue line, but never tried it in my kibble days.
I had good luck with Orijen for my puppy before I switched him off of kibble entirely. Good luck to you and feel free to ask any more questions!

p.s. We love pictures around here, so if you have any of your cockapoo, please share!!
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