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Hello, I am from NC and have two male doxie children( a five yr old named Bucky and a 1 yr old named Casey). Bucky has had pancreatitis episodes in the past so I have been overvigilant in keeping his diet low in fat. It has been trying especially since the food recalls and people changing their formulas. Bucky has been on Blue Buffalo Weight Control for the past few months. Casey hasn't been doing that well on it as evidenced by loose stools. I am forever reading ingredient lists and going online. I add wet food(canned Wellness,Merrick, Natural Balance etc..) once a day. I also give them boiled chicken breast occasionally and sweet potatoes. I had been giving them Canidae canned Platinum but it started turning out very greasy. It looked like it was swimming in pure fat. That's why I switched to the others.
Sorry for being so long winded! Looking forward to meeting you.
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