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I've come to this forum to learn and to help others learn more about really good dog food. Through the years I've fed everything from floating catfish food to homemade food. I've been feeding homemade food for almost a year but I'm beginning to investigate holistic/organic foods.
My first venture back into food that I haven't made myself is with a company out of Maryland called VeRus Pet Food. They caught my eye when I saw them on a list of dog food companies that had never had a recall. If I remember correctly, they've been making dog food for 20 years and they've NEVER HAD A RECALL on dry dog food. That's seriously impressive in my book. As I looked at their website, I noticed that they're working with a dog rescue to help train rescue dogs as PTSD service dogs for veterans. I even love their logo! (I wonder if they'd send me a sticker for my window...)
They were nice enough to send me some samples of dry foods for my dogs. I have 2 dogs - a Golden Retriever [the REAL Emma Roo] and a rescue mutt. Via email, they asked me a few questions about my dogs and sent some sample bags of food. BTW - these aren't little bags with a couple of food pieces. These are probably the equivalent of a pint-sized baggie.
No spoiler alerts here - I haven't opened them yet because I want to document/share our experiences with VeRus.
I know there'll be more to say! I will be posting more thoughts on VeRus in the next few days.
Holler if you have any questions.

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