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Help with frozen chicken backs

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Hi, sorry for no intro, but I'm in a pickle.
I just got home with a 40lb case of frozen chicken backs. This is the first time dealing with a whole case.

Google told me the easiest way to break them apart for smaller freezer packaging was leaving them in the box, putting the box up on 2x4's and whacking it with a sledge hammer. Supposedly they break apart where they are frozen to one another.

Not mine. The sledge hammer (full size) bounced right off. In one case I was left with a hole through the plastic bag and the imprint of the hammer on a piece of chicken, but they were still all frozen solid.

Any tips?
Currently they are sitting outside in the sun, but it's only about 50F. I didn't want to turn this into an all day project...

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I went with Plan B.
Sorry, I'm in a different time zone! I'm glad you got it sorted, one way or another.
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Well, it's still frozen in a solid block and my refrigerator is a mess with food piled on top of other food, so we'll see, lol.

I don't know how all the suggestions I read came up with hitting the backs to break them apart. Maybe their backs were flash frozen.

But after this first time at least I'll have my times down for next time.
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