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Hello Everyone!
My name is Jacob, and I eat, sleep, and breathe dog nutrition! I own a dog nutrition helpline, and I am very active in the community. I am a die-hard raw feeder, and I also own a raw feeding helpline. I will answer any questions you may have, wether it be about kibble (yuck) or a Raw Diet! I will debate, but I am not into arguing or fighting. If something gets too heated, I'll exit the conversation.
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Welcome! :welcome: You've come to the right place! Lots of knowledgeable raw feeders here.
Welcome to DFC, great to have some more active raw feeders so we can maybe pick your brains a bit.
cheers from the bottom of the world.
ps. sometimes the discussions do get a bit heated which isn't nice, hopefully we can all respect other peoples' decisions in how they feed their animals and post in the appropriate section.
welcome! It is always nice to have helpful advise you sure came to the right place...... would love to see pics of your pups!

Hey, you are just up the road from me. Welcome, hope you like it here!
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