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Im currently staying in Queens NY, but under normal circumstances reside in North East Pennsylvania, on a great 9 acre piece of land with my husband, our cat Cuervo, and our two Bully breed dogs:

Sig, Male, American Pit Bull Terrier (about 2 yrs old)
Rhino, Male, English Bulldog (10 months old)

They were both rescues (see their stories in the RESCUE forum), and have crazy medical / mental health issues !!! The two of them together form my Canine Terror Squad! I love them to death and would do anything in the world for them.

Sig LOVES children, and ice cubes! Rhino loves his daddy...and SLEEP.

Im very lucky to have the experience of working in the veterinary field for many years, because these two are ALWAYS in need of some kind of medication or medical attention. This is why Ive always had MUTTS prior to these two!

Are you in the NYC or NEPA area? Want to take the dogs out?

Take care! Good luck with your dogs.
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