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Hi everyone! Just found this forum today and I think it's great! Good topics, nice users and it's well laid-out and easy to use!

My house was an empty shell after losing my beloved companion Maya to cancer in March of 07. By September of that year we were starting to talk about eventually getting another dog. I should have known better, but I started researching shelters and rescue groups and immediately fell in love.

The day after seeing his picture on the website we were meeting our soon-to--be puppy, Remus. He's a Chesapeake Bay Retriever/St. Bernard mix (he looks like a large black lab) who is a wonderful, intelligent, funny, mischevious, adorable member of my family. He seems to be on a mission to dispell the "Big Black Dog Syndrome" single-handedly, he makes friends with people and other dogs pretty much everywhere we go.

I'm interested in nutrition, training and general community support for fellow dog lovers!
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