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Hello from China

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Hello ereryone! My name is Sunny Lee from China. I'm a dog lover. My dog's name is white snow.
She has the human nature, and clever.Our family love her very much.
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Hello and Welcome!
White Snow is a beautiful name for a dog.
Hello and welcome to DFC :wink:
Welcome, looking forward to see your beauty. :biggrin1:
Hi,nihao.Thanks for your welcome. Where are you from?Can you speak Chinese?
I tried to send the pictures of my dog,but failed.I've no idea what the problem is.
Thank you .Glad to be your friends. Your dog is also cute.
Thank you. You have so many dogs. How gorgeous!
Thank you. Maybe in the near future.
wow, all the way from China. welcome.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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