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Greetings. My apologies, in advance, for the long preface to this, my first posting here:

I am currently switching between Canidae ALS and California Natural, as these are 2 foods on which my dog apparently does quite well. However, I am concerned about all of the negative comments about Canidae, especially since the arrival of the "new formula".

It would seem apparent that altering the formula of a food would essentially mean that it is now a different food. It would seem to me that a particular dog which had done well with the original formula, may not do well with the new one?

In my particular case, I had tried the original Canidae ALS formula when my (now 2 ½ year old) dog was a puppy. He did poorly on it. A few months back, I tried it again, not knowing that the formula had changed. He seems to be doing extremely well on it now.

I have tried many other “premium” foods, which did not work out well for my particular boy. This does not mean these foods are “bad”. They are simply not “good” for my guy; they don’t “agree” with him. Which leads me, finally, to my question:

Are the complaints directed at the new Canidae formula based on objective facts, on the quality of the ingredients and the food in general, or are these based on individual dogs not doing well on what is essentially a new food?

Thank you.
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