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My name is Judy and I have the distinct honor of being the leader of a pack of eight lively shelties. I am owned by three scamps and I am currently fostering five homeless shelties.

My experience with home cooking goes back several years with a dog I owned previously who had some very serious allergy issues. Luckily my current three don't suffer from allergies but I still home cook for them and won't settle for less than fresh ingredients and the best of everything for them.

I have compiled several yummy recipes for my guys so they don't get bored with their food. I like to cook in bulk so I usually make a batch that lasts me 10 days rather than cook for them every day. This way I have some free time to look for more interesting things to introduce to them..... It's lots of fun and they sure do love to do the taste testing!

I do have to feed the foster dogs kibble though (sigh) my director doesn't want me to educate their pallets by spoiling them with my good down home cooking while they are staying with me and then have them be adopted out to someone who isn't inclined to cook for them or doesn't have the time to do so. So I'm stuck feeding them best of the best of the manufactured dog food we can find. Which in our estimation is either Innova Lamb and Rice dry or California Natural Herring and Sweet potato dry.

So thanks for having me here and I hope I can learn from some of you as well as share what I know about dogs and their needs.

Welcome! I'm impressed, to say the very least. Shelties are a high-energy herding breed so in addition to their excellent nutrition it must be a challenge for you to adequately exercise them all. Bless your heart!
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