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Hi Folks,
I just found this forum and had to join. Central Pennsylvania is my home. Currently I am living with, loving and having a hoot with a gorgeous & smart 16 week old Aussie pup. He is truly a blessing – love that dang little pupdog. This is the first time in my entire life – 50 odd years, that I have only 1 companion dog in my home! Strange- very strange and probably short term.

I am a pet care provider and get to share many wonderful companions. Most of them are like extended family. Some of them have serious medical conditions, including diabetes, Addison’s, Cushings, assorted cancers, etc. . Many can probably be traced to poor or inappropriate diets. So I try very hard to keep up with nutrition and diets.

Pet behavior and communication have always been a special interest for me. Nutrition is now topping my list of interests. The pet food recalls in the past few years should be eye openers for all pet owners. Unfortunately people are too busy to take the time to educate themselves. During the last BIG recall it became an almost full time job keeping clients updated. Now with soooooo many foods & problems – like companies being sold, recipe changes, outsourcing, etc. it is too dang difficult & confusing to keep up with! I’m not optimistic about the future of commercial pet foods! So we need better education & watchdogs.

Pet stores are not good resources for information – at least not in my area! I have been very unhappy with the information my clients receive from them about commercial pet foods. (“buy the brand that I make the most profit on” attitude!) We seem to have many disagreements & conflicts. My nutrition education may be limited – I always tell my clients to do their research – and don’t trust anyone who relies on nutrition education from limited brands and their salespeople.

Oh – you are probably wondering what foods I use, Orijen and California Natural (purchased over the internet!). I also do home cooked supplements and meals. (will probably do all home cooked meals in the near future.) I am not a fan of “raw diets” but know many people who are.

It is so nice to find a forum with educated & concerned people. I look forward to learning and sharing. As you can see, I have a tendency to get a bit “windy” esp when it comes to something I am passionate about.
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