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most dogs that cannot handle grain free are the ones who the owner switching food without mixing old with the new. IMO when you make the switch to grain free it is best to gradually mix it in over the course of two weeks.

this is not the case with every dog. some formulas of grain free are known to be too rich for some dogs. Evo comes to mind, but many dogs do great on it.

If your dog does not seem to have a sensitive stomach you can rotate foods without mixing. but I advise people to mix it at least a few days.

Keeping the dog on the same food all of the time is not ideal because of allergies. if that dog eats the same food all of his life he might become allergic to a new food if for some reason you cannot get his old food anymore. and i feel like the more variety in dog food,different vitamins and minerals they get the better! Plus eating the same thing all of the time is boring!
it is recommend to switch protein sources at least every 6 months, however may do it every 2 or 3 months with no problems.
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