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goopy eyes with chicken kibble/raw eggs

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When I fed my dog Wellness Core chicken/turkey formula she had goopy eyes constantly. When I fed her a raw chicken diet, her eyes were even more goopy. When I switched to Wellness Core Ocean (fish formula), the goop cleared up :smile:. Now she is on Acana Pacifica (fish formula) with no goop. But when I give her a raw egg with the Acana the goop returns in small amounts the next day. Has anyone else had this issue? I am seriously considering eliminating chicken and eggs from her diet. What do you guys think about this? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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I would definitely think she has an allergy to chicken and eggs and would avoid those foods.

my great dane had digestive issues for awhile on a variety of foods: orijen adult, innova, taste of the wild and i realized they all had chicken and turkey in them.

So i am currently feeding him on orijen 6 fish and he is doing awesome so i am assuming hes allergic to chicken and turkey.
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My opinion is if it doesn't work: don't do it.
If the chicken and eggs are the only things bringing on the goop, just avoid them. There's no NEED to include those in your dog's diet when you can simply replace the chicken with another meat and get better results.
Thanks for the input. I will just stick to non poultry meat sources.
Certainly sounds like allergies to these foods for sure! You can even ask your vet about this also! Good choice to stick away from poultry products! Good Luck!~ hope the goopyness goes away for good when you get rid of the chicken or any poultry product!
My 4 mo. rotti x had runny stool on Orijen LBD and they suggested Acana Prairie Harvest (actually shipped me a bag). Hos goopy eyes and the rep said most likely allergy to egg as both LBD and APH have same chicken. Will be trying the Acana Pacifica and their Grasslands ... If it works I will alternate every large bag (30 lb.).

Great company- Acana/Orijen... actually follow upon your concerns .
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