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Giant Breed RAW feeding

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Just started feeding my English Mastiff puppy on Raw. I am following the PMR plan. I have 2 other English Mastiffs that are on the PMR plan, and I couldn't be happier with the results. My female puppy is 5.5 months old and weighs 90lbs. Her projected adult weight is going to be around 170lbs to 190lbs.

My question is: Should I be feeding her 2% to 3% of her projected adult weight? If not, how much should I be feeding her? Currently feeding her 3lbs of chicken leg quarters, supplemented by chicken livers (about twice a week), plain yogart (about twice a week) and canned green beans (about once a week).

Just looking for some comparisons from other Giant Breed dog owners, who are feeding Raw.

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I think what you're doing currently is ideal. If you see her getting slightly ribby then you can add in a little more food. Its always a good idea to keep giant breed puppies on the lean/thin side while growing to overfeeding can be an issue. I honestly wouldn't worry about following % guidelines too her body condition and let that be your guide. How long has she been raw fed? If she's been raw fed for a few weeks and is doing great with chicken, I'd add in other protein sources for variety...the more variety the healthier the diet.

And if you're adding in things like yogurt and green beans technically speaking you are doing a "BARF" style raw, not prey model.

Oh, and pictures please!
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