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Was at my local pet food store recently. Mgr is back in the Natura area shelves and I strike up a conversation with her(acting like I barely know much about EVO)..."So, what do you think about this EVO food, I hear its pretty good."

MGR: Do you have "working Dogs."

Me: As in like a Sheep in herding dogs?

MGR: Yeah, anything like that, hunting Dogs also.

Me: Well, I try to get them exercise every day but I wouldn't call them "working Dogs"

MGR: You DON'T want this food, it is only for super high activity Dogs that burn tons of calories every day.

Me: Well, wouldn't I just adjust their portions down to match their activity level so they don't put extra weight on? I do understand that EVO is a rich, high calorie food but there's more to it than that...its more of a belief that Dogs do better on grain free/high protein foods.

MGR: NO, you really don't want this food.

I just smiled and walked out of the store with 2 bags of EVO.
:biggrin: You did the right thing. Which EVO are you using? Zio's on the Turkey/chicken Large Bites.
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