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Have any of you seen the brand-new show on Animal Planet titled, "From Underdog to Wonderdog"? It airs on Saturday nights (check your local listings for times, but here it airs at 8 p.m.)

A team of 5 professionals seek out shelter / rescue dogs to rescue and rehabilitate then match the dog to one deserving family.

At the end of each show, the family is given a full year's supply of dog food and it's PURINA ONE.

Wouldn't you think, after spending all that time and money to rescue and rehabilitate a dog, they would have the family feed the dog something much better than Purina One?

I'd bet that Purina is a major sponsor of the show.

I do enjoy this show simply because I love to see how the dogs are rehabilitated and love to see smiling faces on the family that gets to adopt them.

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The stuff I found on it suggests that Purina is a major sponsor of the show...and somehow PetFinder is involved too. Looks like a good show - maybe the new owners will donate the Purina to the local pound and buy better food for their new family members!
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