Vital Balanced Nutrition Chicken is an unusual wet food from Freshpet. Rather than being canned, like most wet foods, it comes in a roll, ready to slice. It only contains the best quality ingredients and is full of lean sources of protein, so it won't cause your dog to gain weight, if fed in the correct quantities. It's designed with adult dogs in mind, so puppies and seniors might benefit from a more specialist food. It's full of both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, both of which are good for your dog's health. While it's free from gluten, which may be a benefit for certain dogs, there is a small amount of controversy surrounding rice products, as they can contain small amounts of arsenic and the FDA haven't yet set out a safe limit for dogs. That said, brown rice is a healthy wholegrain and a complex carbohydrate, which is easy for your dog to digest. The food also contains inulin, which is a natural prebiotic, which can help with your dog's digestion by promoting the growth of healthy intestinal flora. All the vitamins and minerals contain in the food have been chelated – which is the process of chemically attaching them to protein – this is extremely beneficial as it makes them far easier for your dog to absorb. 

Freshpet Vital Balanced Nutrition Chicken Ingredient Analysis


2. Eggs

3. Chicken liver

4. Chicken broth

5. Peas

Chicken is a lean, white meat which is a good source of protein. It contains 10 different amino acids within it that are needed for your dog to stay healthy.

Eggs are another great source of protein. They're easy for your dog to digest, making them ideal for a pooch with a sensitive stomach.

Chicken liver is high in phosphorus and contains a range of other vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for your dog's health.

While chicken broth doesn't have much nutritional value to speak of, it adds extra moisture and flavor to the food, making it more palatable for your pup.

Vegetables are just as good for dogs as they are for us. Peas are rich in various vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin A and beta-carotene. They're also a good source of fiber.

Freshpet Vital Balanced Nutrition Chicken Ingredient List

Chicken, Chicken Liver, Chicken Broth, Eggs, Peas, Carrots, Brown Rice, Rice Bran, Carrageenan, Salt, Natural Flavors, Dried Kelp, Flaxseed Oil, Inulin.

Freshpet Vital Balanced Nutrition Chicken Guaranteed Analysis

Crude protein: min. 9%

Crude fat: min. 7%

Crude fiber: max. 1.5%

Moisture: max. 76%