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Piper has several food allergies and seems to do well with fish. She is currently eating Eagle Pack Holistic Select Anchovy, Sardine & Salmon Meals formula and I was planning to switch her to Acana Pacifica, what the puppy is eating until I remembered she was allergic to white potatoes. While not always accurate, the blood allergy test shows her to be allergic to white potatoes and it it pretty high up there. Russet potato is the second ingredient in the Pacifica, so that is now out. I wish I would have realized there was potato in the Pacifica before as I would have most likely started the puppy on the Prairie Harvest (the chicken formula.) My vet wasn't thrilled that I was starting with a fish based formula, just in case we have allergies later on.

Several years ago Piper did eat the NB Potato and Duck without issue, so I don't know if the potato allergy developed later or if she really isn't allergic to potato. I have been through so many foods that I don't remember why I switched her off NB Potato and Duck; I think it was when there was some issue in production and NB wouldn't give a straight answer in what was going on. I remember many goldens were getting sick and although Piper was not sick, I decided to take her off of it. Whether she had any minor issues on the food I do not remember.

Am I missing a fish based kibble that doesn't have white potatoes in it? California Natural Herring and Sweet Potato is a possibility although it is just as low in protein and fat as the EP. The Fromm Salmon A La Veg does have white potato, but it is far down the line. Natural Balance has a Sweet Potato and Fish, but I think I would rather stay with the EP over NB. Core's Ocean Fish also has potato. The best possibility is EVO is coming out with a fish formula in a few weeks that does not have potato; I am concerned with the protein/fat of EVO as this is my dog with a very sensitive stomach as well as allergies. Nothing is easy with her and I should just leave well enough alone!!
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