First Mate Dog Food Review

First Mate produces dog food in their own manufacturing facility located in British Columbia, Canada.  They have manufactured a number of grain free as well as "classic" formulas, since 1995-all of which contain no by-products, corn or wheat.  First Mate uses quality ingredients in their dog food formulas, and has a reliable track record for producing safe, high quality food.  For these reasons, we recommend their products.

Three FirstMate grain-free formulas meet the AAFCO nutrient profiles required for all life stages, while one is designed for puppies, one for senior dogs, and one for large dog breeds. On the other hand, the FirstMate classic series has 3 formulas designed for adult maintenance and one for puppies.

Whether grain-free formulas or classic formulas, FirstMate’s dog food products are enriched with viable sources of protein which are derived mainly from either of the following protein-rich ingredients including chicken meal, herring meal, pacific ocean fish, chicken, Australian lamb and lamb meal.

Except for chicken and lamb, FirstMate’s protein sources are mainly specific meat meals. This is in recognition of the fact that fresh or raw chicken, pacific ocean fish and lamb still contains about 80% moisture which is lost during processing and leaving only a small fraction of the original ingredient. On the other hand, meat meals such as chicken meal, herring meal, and lamb meal are called meat concentrates because they contain 300% times more protein than raw protein sources.

Aside from being a good source of meat protein, herring meal is a rich source of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids and also calcium.

For FirstMate’s dog food classic formulas usually contain one or two of the following sources of complex carbohydrates—pearled barley, oatmeal, brown rice. These whole grains provide the carbohydrate component of the dog ration. Being complex carbohydrates, they have lower hyperglycemic index which is excellent in keeping the blood sugar levels of dogs stable.

For FirstMate’s grain-free dog food formulas, potato and/or potato flour provides the carbohydrate component of the diet.

Chicken fat is rich in linoleic acid and omega-6 fatty acids.

The Chicken with Blueberries Formula designed for all life stages contains valuable dietary fiber and vitamin C from fresh blueberries which has been added to the ration.

Fish oil provides unsaturated fatty acids and healthy omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which are essential nutrients in many important physiological processes of the body.

Certain controversial issues concerning the presence or absence of particular ingredients include the use of tomato pomace, the absence of probiotics, and the addition of minerals which are not chelated.

Tomato pomace has a high fiber and nutrient content but some look at it as a cheap filler ingredient which can contain pesticide residues found on the tomato skin before processing.

The addition of probiotics introduces beneficial microorganisms to enhance the digestive process and boost the functions of the immune system.

Customer Reviews

There have been no reports on hypersensitivity reactions in dogs. In fact, many dog owners love that the ingredients are specified and are of high quality with viable animal-based protein sources. A few negative reviews arise from digestive upsets that may occur when making the switch from one dog food brand to FirstMate dog food. Overall, we believe this is a good quality dog food brand and would recommend it.

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First Mate Dog Food Reviews

First Mate Dog Food Formulas:

Grain Free Formula:
  1. First Mate Chicken With Blueberries
  2. First Mate Australian Lamb
  3. First Mate Australian Lamb Meal
  4. Pacific Ocean Fish
  5. First Mate Pacific Ocean Fish Large Breed
  6. Pacific Ocean Fish Puppy
  7. Pacific Ocean Fish Senior
Classic Formula:
  1. First Mate High Performance
  2. Maintenance
  3. First Mate Trim And Light Dog Food
  4. Lamb Meal And Rice

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