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for the past few nights, malia has been waking us up around 1:30 - 2:00 a.m. to go out.....urgently so....bubba, of course, sleeps on...until last night, when he had to go out...
I'm not real sure this is a raw feeding problem as much as a scheduled feeding problem. I have never heard of this happening to a newly switched dog. I suggest taking them for a good walk shortly before your bedtime. Walking stimulates the need to potty. Another thing you could do is feed the evening meal later. In theory, if they are feed 3 hours later, they should need to potty 3 hours later which would be pretty much on your schedule. :smile:

do i switch to one meal a day? having them have to go out is annoying...mainly because we live in an apartment, which means getting dressed and walking them. we do not want to do that.
You could do that. I would wait until they are further along into the switch. I like keeping meals small in the beginning to prevent digestive problems. After they have had a couple of months of good stools, you can switch to one feeding a day if you wish.

if we were to go down to one feeding a day, what time would you suggest?
In the wild, wolves will eat then sleep for several hours while their food digests. So, going by that, I would feed the evening meal.

do you think this will pass, because malia did not wake us up last seemed to be bubba's turn...i wonder if this is a passing thing, as part of the transition....or do we need to go to one feeding a day, since both of us need our we get up at 4 a.m. which comes very fast....
Yes, it will pass. You can help it pass by waiting a little longer each night before taking them out. For example, if they wake up around 1:30, wait until 2 to take them out. Gradually wait later and later and it will work out. I think it will pass pretty quickly if you do nothing to help it.

seems the older we get, the faster 4 a.m. rolls around.
I could stay up til 4 am easier than I could get up at 4 am. :biggrin:
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