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Joey, my 8 month old Golden pup, is in Basic Obedience classes. The trainer is great and Joey & I are learning and doing well. I e-mailed the trainer to ask her about what she feeds her own dogs. Here is her response:

I have 2 Bernese Mountain dogs and I feed them the raw diet. I go to a butcher shop and get 2 cases of chicken necks. I grind/blend them up and add my own veggies and also add olive oil, yogurt, oatmeal and a little water. Sometimes they get lamb or mackerel....but one thing I know, they really love their food. They have done studies and found that good nutrition is very important for overall health and exercise only adds to that. No wonder why Joey is so good in class!

I guess this is a new way to feed chicken necks. I note how she says "the raw diet" as if it's the only raw diet available.
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