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FDA Stand on Bones

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Have you guys seen this posting by the FDA on their stand on feeding bones to your dogs?

Here's the first paragraph:

"The idea that it’s natural for dogs to chew on bones is a popular one. However, it’s a dangerous practice and can cause serious injury to your pet."

You can read the whole article here: No Bones About It: Bones are Unsafe for Your Dog

I think it's vague stuff like this that gives feeding raw a bad name.

- Jean
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i read this report and not only does it give raw a bad name, it is irresponsible for the FDA to issue ANY statement about bones or dogs, especially since, in this article....they have nothing to say but opinion.
Since its from the FDA I'm not surprised one bit on their standing with the all scary BONES!!!

I like how they don't, anywhere in the article, state whether feeding raw or cooked bones or both. This is their justification for saying that it IS harmful to dogs to eat bones, they just leave out the part of them having to be COOKED bones to be dangerous.

This is just another way that big business is trying to disclaim the "raw movement" that is obviously hurting their bottom line. Just plain pathetic :frown:
I think it's vague stuff like this that gives feeding raw a bad name.

- Jean
I have to agree. Although it seemed they are talking about meal bones from humans. This kind of information sends people into a tizzy. I am to the point of not even mentioning it to people in passing.:rolleyes:
the FDA is NOT big business, so it has NO business passing judgment on bones....cooked, raw, or indifferent ------------- UNLESS said bone is either made from or has an ingredient that is harmful.

That's the FDA's area...and these are the same folks who allowed fen-fen to stay on the market long after the proof was in....the same folks who think phenylalamine is just dandy for dogs, but will kill it's off the market..and, speaking of which..make up your mind, FDA....ephedra/ephedrine kills? doesn't kill? pull it? put it back? sigh.

when i practised medicine the FDA was the worst of the worst...they have gotten worse...
It's things like this that really get people confused about what's really best.

The FDA and AAFCO alike hold no merit when it comes to pet foods in my book.
They make NO indication on what kinds of bones are harmful. Cooked bones, yes. Weight bearing bones of large animals, yes. Raw poultry bones. totally safe! rib bones. totally safe.
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