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I didn't make this, but someone on an email list I belong to did...very helpful!

Credit to Grace:
I thought I'd share a document that I created with all the wonderful information that this list has provided. The public link to the doc is below.

I have to say I geeked out a bit on this one, but I love Excel so who cares. If you are Excel savvy and would like the original file, just email me and I'll forward it to you. The Google Docs one doesn't have some of the features I originally included.

Basically the yellow cells are the ones that you edit - just input weights and meals/wk to update the corresponding values. You can plan the number of meals/week and lb/meal to get a certain percentage value by category over time.

The only thing that may be incorrect is that I included egg in the 80% muscle meat category. I wasn't sure how it should be considered, so I thought that was the safest bet.

Hope this comes in handy for newbies out there with questions about ratios / weights / % of bone, meat, muscle, etc. - enjoy!
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