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Eukanuba Adult dry , dogs will not eat

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I've got 3 dogs, 1 Golden 10 yr. (in the Morris Lifetime Study) and 2 Germans 1 and 8 yr. All dogs have been on Eukanuba since they were puppies..
Currently using Eukanuba Adult large breed dry chicken. The last 2 -3 days they have been slow to eat the food.
Real unusual for the Gloden. He usually can't wait for eat time and finishes so fast I don't think he even chews, just swallows.
Now they just walk past and don't touch the food, all 3 of them.
What's happened? Anyone else have this problem?
I know Eukanuba went to manufacturing it in Australia but have not had a problem until now.
Something must have changed and not for the better.
In the Morris Lifetime Study you are supposed to keep the dog on the same food for their lifetime.
This is to see if any common problems arise on dogs eating the same brands.
Anyone else heard or have this problem?
Thanks... Pops
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