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I have a Brittany that just turned 3. Have had him from 7 weeks of age. He is fully trained regarding obedience and about 80% on bird hunting. Still learning on the birds.

He is on a dry kibble (24/14) that is "all nautral"; only grains are cracked barley and brown rice-- no corn or other grains; and the sources for protein are: chicken, turkey, duck & salmon. I feed him 7 oz at 6am and 7 oz at 4 pm.

He is "roaded" at about 10/12 mph twice a day w/ an ATV, for about 12 minutes each time, plus additional exercise when we practice "retrieve and give".
His running surface for these two 12 minute sessions is pavement and hard packed sandy soil. Total of about 4 miles. It keeps his nails worn down to exactly the right length.


1/ How can he get along on so little quanity of kibble?
He is always "hungry".
I do not feed him "table scraps"
I do give him the equivement of 2 "small milk bones treats" (broken up into 1/4 size pieces) as rewards for compliance to commands.
If I feed him more Kibble....he gains weight.

2/ Is he getting enough exercise?

He maintains weight at approx 45 pounds ( he is a little large for a Brittany) and maybe is carrying 3 or 4 pounds extra weight.

3/ He sleeps inside in a travel crate and goes to sleep at 8 pm and is up at 6 am.

4/ Would you suggest any changes in this overall routine? NOTE: Due to some personal mobility problems, I have found that using the ATV is the only way I can get him this amount of exercise. I'm 77 and "the old legs and knees aren't like they used to be!

Thanks for your comments.
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