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Most store-bought dog food comes in either a dry form, also known as kibble, or a wet canned form. Dry food contains 6-10% moisture by volume, as compared to up to 78% in canned food. Semi-moist foods have a moisture content of 25-35%. Pet owners often prefer dry food due to the convenience and price. Besides the lower price, dry pet food can also be left out for the animal to eat at will over the course of several days; whereas canned food spoils or becomes unappetizing after several hours. On the other hand, canned food has a longer shelf life than dry food. Canned food can also contain more protein and fat than dry dog food.The average dry food is the least expensive, per pound, when compared to its canned (wet) or semi-moist counterparts, and is less likely to spoil than an open can.
Manufacturing process:pellets of dry dog food, called kibble, are produced by one of two methods, extrusion and baking. During the extrusion process, cut dough or a mixture of raw materials is fed into an expander, while pressurized steam or hot water is added. When removed from the high pressure that results, the pellets puff up like popcorn. The resultant kibble is allowed to dry, then sprayed with vitamins, fats and oils, or any other ingredients that are not heat-tolerant.If extruded kibble is exposed to air for too long or not properly stored, the fats and oils added after cooking can become rancid, and vitamins and minerals in the food may be destroyed by heat during storage or shipping.[1]

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