Dried-N-Alive Dog Food Review

Dried-N-Alive is a Texas-based pet food company that was founded by Ken Wilkes. The company is more commonly known by its initials DNA. While DNA foods are dried, they're not your typical dried food, more accurately they're dehydrated. The company aims to make products with a high protein levels, which some believe is a more natural way for dogs to be fed, as it's closer to the way their wolfy ancestors would have eaten. DNA's website has this to say: “About 100,000 years separate modern dogs from their wolf ancestors. Like humans, dogs only recently began eating processed foods. Dogs can still thrive when they return to their roots and consume more natural animal ingredients and less processed plant protein and starch ... This radically different diced & dried dog food is not your parents’ dry pet food!  Made from 78% animal ingredients, DNA is easy to use and can help eliminate the mess of feeding canned, refrigerated or homemade pet foods, all while still delivering the real food ancestral diet experience dogs instinctively crave.”

The foods are fairly unique in as much as they can be fed dry, straight out of the packet, or they can be rehydrated with equal parts water, in which case the food should still hold much of its shape, rather than turning into a soggy mess, like many grain-based dry foods. All the foods are made with carefully selected ingredients and they don't contain any genetically modified ingredients, gluten, artificial colors, artificial flavors and artificial preservatives. All recipes are primarily made from meat, which is certified by the USDA as suitable for human consumption. Some of the meats used are organic, but others are produced using conventional farming methods, which means they may contain some antibiotics or hormones. Vitamins and minerals are added to meet AAFCO nutrient profiles for all life stages.

Since DNA dog foods try to remain suitable for a strictly ancestral diet, they're ideal for anyone who likes the idea of feed their dog raw food, but doesn't want to prepare everything themselves.

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