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Dog Whisperer and Raw Feeding

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Just wondering if anyone saw the episode of the Dog Whisperer titled "Chihuahua's From Hell". He takes in this really aggressive little stray Chihuahua into his kennel and by the end of the show it lines up with all his pit bull mixes and waits patiently in line for it's raw chicken pieces at dinner time just like all the other dogs. He never specifically mentioned raw feeding but it was interesting to see him pull out a bag full of raw chicken and watch all these dogs calmly take their chunks of chicken and go off and eat them, bones and all, big dogs and little dogs. He did say this was what being a dog was about and I thought it made a good point, especially after seeing the previous Chihuahuas dressed up in all the little clothes and boots!
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I rarely watch that show anymore so I missed that. It's cool. I hope he does it more.
On Animal Planet, "Breed All About It" featured a well-known breeder of champion Schnauzers. The segment showed her feeding them all raw chicken leg quarters and wings.
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