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With my boys, destroying peepads (and other "rippables") is their loving way of telling us that they feel ignored and neglected (poor spoilt doggies). Poms are actually quite energetic. My niece has 4 and a box full of toys for them. Her pups love chasing things, so she has these "toys on a rope" (kind of like cat toys) and this little rolly ball with a "tail" on it that moves "on its own" . These are used with supervision of course. Set up a "puppy obstacle course" using pillows, boxes, etc. to try and tire your little one out.

My 2 follow me everywhere (or at least attempt to). They lay outside of the bathroom waiting, after trying to push the door open and scratching to be let in. Every return (including taking out the trash) is greeted with swirling, jumping, dancing,and whining puppies telling us how badly we've been misssed.
Oh, my "puppies" are 3 and 2 years old.
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