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Dog Senses

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Random thoughts...

my pups love everyone. As much as I wish they were a bit more protective...they aren't. Someone could be robbing my home and they would probably wag their tails. every now and then, i run into someone my sibe pup hates. she'll growl, bark, etc. For some reason, I automatically dont like that person. i've always heard that animals can sense things and maybe thats why...

anyone else? (yes...i am bored at work)
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I used to have 2 Goldens that would help burglers carry the stuff out to their truck. :smile:

Dogs are very good at reading body language. I think when they meet someone they don't like, its the body language that says something the dogs don't like. People say things with body language that they have no idea that they are saying. When body language and verbal language convlict, believe the body language.
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