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I just wanted to weigh in on the neutering. I had no intention of getting my male Jack russell neutered until well past his first birthday, if at all. However at around 6mths of age his humping of other dogs and us become uncontrollable, he also peed up peoples legs wherever we went! We were on the ball with him, and tried every training technique we knew of, none of which helped. He also was extremely dominant/aggressive toward other puppies, the cause of which is still unknown to us.

The last straw came when he nearly got his head ripped off by an intact male pit bull when he tried humping him, luckily my dog was on a leash and i managed to pull him away just in the nick of time. He may have grown out of these behaviours, or he may not have, we will never know...

So 6 weeks ago, at 8mths old we booked him in for the snip, I canceled and rebooked that appointment a dozen times because getting him done so early just didn't sit right with me.

The results were:

He stopped humping and peeing on people immediately, he hasn't done it once since getting done. He is good as gold with adult dogs, but still has the same issues with other pups (He pins them down and growls aggressively, no biting). The cause and reason of him doing this is driving us nuts, and i am struggling to get this problem under control.
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